The Best Restaurants in Rome – Recommended Michelin Restaurants in Rome

Musicians dream of winning a Grammy, actors – an Oscar, and chefs – a Michelin star. We’ll tell you why – once upon a time, many years ago, the Michelin guide, considered the ultimate guide of restaurants, was published for the first time. It originated in France and its main purpose is to cover and […]

The Airport in Rome – Fiumicino – The Complete Guide to Flying to Rome

Welcome to Rome! Leonardo da Vinci-Fiumicino Airport (Fco) is the international and largest airport in Italy, approximately 32 km from the center of Rome. Like other airports in the world, it has unlimited free Wi-Fi, Lounges, shops (luxury duty free, clothing, luggage, books, electronics and more, food businesses (bars, restaurants and lounge businesses), banks, pharmacies, […]

Aperitivo in Rome – Recommended Places

One of the traditions rooted in Italian culture is the aperitivo. The origin of the word is in the Latin word apperire which means “to open”, and the purpose of the aperitivo is indeed to “open” the appetite before dinner (similar to an aperitif). It is a centuries-old custom where Italians meet outside for a […]

Romio’s Checklist for Couples in Rome

Romio’s ChecklistActivities for couples in Rome There are many desirable destinations for couples – Paris, the city of lights, the sensual Maldives, exotic Thailand, Princess Venice… and Queen Rome. Among its many titles, Eternal Rome is also known as one of the ultimate and most romantic destinations for couples. It has countless magical attractions that […]

Attractions in Rome – The Perfect Check List for a Trip to Rome

We absolutely love to write about Rome, the eternal city, and we have (and will have) many articles about it on our blog. Rome is one of the most fascinating cities in the world and it provides a huge amount of reading material about it, and this is where we enter the picture! Today’s article […]

Rome in Three Days: Rome Itinerary for Three-Four days

We know that you would stay there for two weeks if you could, but it’s not always the best timing; there aren’t enough days off from work, there’s nowhere to leave the children, or it’s simply not financially possible. Rome isn’t very expansive and it’s so beautiful that you have to rub your eyes to […]

Markets in Rome – Food Markets in Rome

We absolutely love to eat and write about food in Rome, and we’ve already written a lot about the topic (there’s no stopping us!). Our next article is “cooked” especially for those who want to have a taste of the best food markets in Rome. Italians usually buy their food at the supermarket, but Rome […]

Rome – Where Will We sleep? The Recommended Hotels in Rome

Every stay outside of our home raises an important question – “Where will we sleep?”, and it is even more relevant when it concerns a vacation abroad. So, have you booked your plane tickets yet? All that’s left to do is book a hotel, pack and read Romio’s list of recommended hotels in Rome. Here […]

Shopping in Rome – The Complete Guide to Shopping Malls

Shopping in RomeThe Complete Guide to Shopping Malls Rome is the ultimate city of gastronomy and history. We can sit all day and stare at its beautiful sculptures, which can definitely awaken the artistic side of the soul. Rome (and Italy in general) has also a fascinating culture and language, and still – it’s not […]

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