Premium Private Transports from the Milan Airport and Bergamo at a Worthwhile Price

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  • Premium Private Transports from the Milan Airport and Bergamo at a Worthwhile Price

Romio’s  beloved and popular transportation service from Rome has now arrived in Milan, Bergamo and Northern Italy! With many years of experience, ranked on TripAdvisor as Top 10 Car Service company in Rome, we at Romio offer first-class treatment at the most competitive rates!

Romio’s English, Italian, French and German-speaking customer service representatives are available to help your plan your journey and throughout your stay in Italy. Travelers may reach us via WhatsApp at +39-320-782-3557.

Romio operates a premium private transportation service in Milan, from its airport to any part of the city at great prices!

Moreover, Romio offers transportation services from Bergamo Airport to Milan and back, from Linate Airport, from Milan and Bergamo to Lake Como, Lake Lugano, Venice, Genoa and so forth!

Our professional and courteous drivers will await you at the Milan Airport with luxurious and comfortable vehicles – and with excellent service and prices!

We offer significant discounts on return trips from Milan to the airport, for customers who pre-book a round trip service – with no advance payment!

Romio’s customer service team would love to be at your service with a kind and thorough answering system in Hebrew, and will be available for you from the minute you order throughout your stay in Italy. 

Without extras nor advance payment, Romio is the most requested transportation service among Israeli Travelers in Italy – at a quality standard and great prices!

Private transport price list from Milan Malpensa Airport to the city center and back – daytime rate (06:00-20:30)

** For Bergamo’s Airport  price list please scroll down.

How to Order?

For ordering a transportation service from Milan Malpensa Airport in to a hotel in the city center and back, without advance payment – please fill in the travel details through the booking system below.

After receiving your order, we send an orderly summary for your final approval by email. 

*For other services from and to Milan , which are not from Malpensa Airport, contact us through the contact page by clicking here.

Price list - from Malpensa Airport to Milan

* Daytime Rate

Private E-Class - Up to 3 Passengers

Private Mercedes E-Class or Mini Van for one to three passengers. Pay attention to the luggage limit in this vehicle.

Price: €120

Van for 3-6 Passengers

Private ride for three to six passengers in a modern and spacious van.

Price: €150

Big Van - Up to 8 Passengers

Private ride for seven-eight passengers in a large modern and spacious van.

Price: €160

Two Small Vans

Private ride for 9-12 passengers in two modern and spacious vans.


Price: €290

Two Big Vans

Private ride for 13-16 passengers in two modern and spacious vans.


Price: from €340

Private transport price list from Orio al Serio International Airport to Milan and back - daytime rate (6:00-20:30)

Taxi from Milan Airport to the city - arrival in the city from Milan Airport - updated information for travelers in Milan 2023

According to the official taxi rate in Milan, as mentioned on the Malpensa website, a taxi from Milan airport to the city center costs 100€ (daytime rate), as fixed after the last price increase. This is the basic rate for a Private vehicle, which doesn’t include extras for which an additional fee must be paid by law.

For example, an extra payment for each additional suitcase, an additional 10% on official holidays and dates, an additional 20% during nighttime and so on. Furthermore, many travelers report that taxi drivers in Milan and Italy expropriated prices with various claims and forced them to pay dozens of euros more than the fixed rate.

How to get from the airport to a hotel in Milan 2023?

Romio offers a quality and accessible transportation service in Milan and Northern Italy that will help you enjoy your vacation with peace of mind. We work with a big loyal team of dedicated, professional and courteous drivers, all of whom have an official approval to operate transports in Italy, with many years of experience on the roads (NCC). Our private transportation service is carried out with luxurious and spacious Mercedes cars at the best most exclusive quality and pricing! More cost-effective and without extras! 

Romio takes care of your safety and health – as always and especially at this time, Romio takes care of the thorough cleaning of the vehicles before and after each trip. All Romio’s drivers are fully vaccinated against COVID-19 and are ready to welcome you with a big smile at the airport! 

Our customer service in Hebrew will accompany you from the moment you order throughout your vacation in Milan and Northern Italy! You can send a WhatsApp message to +39-320-782-3557, or a WhatsApp for emergencies in Italy +39-3409098285. We answer inquiries thoroughly and guarantee the best service!

Transports in Milan - FAQ

Very simple. Fill in the form for ordering a transport in Milan on this page above and shortly after you’ll receive an email with all the essential travel details, including the meeting point with the driver. We’ll compile all the details into an email message, and all you’ll have to do is confirm the order. We’ll send you back a help page after our confirmation, and we recommend that you keep a copy or a screenshot of this page with you. Please note, if you don’t confirm your order by email or WhatsApp we won’t be able to reserve the service for you. I.e., it’s not enough to fill in the transport order form on the website, it’s important that you confirm all the essential details and only after being sure of all the details and confirming the order, we reserve our service for you.

The drivers of the private transportation service from the Milan Airport will await you at the exit to the arrivals hall in Malpensa Airport, at the exit to the arrivals terminal (terminal 1 for direct flights from Israel). The driver will stand next to exit door number 8, and will hold a sign with the “Romio Transportation” company logo.

Payment is made directly to the driver in cash, at the end of the trip – without prepayment. For additional payment options, please contact us in advance.

The trip from Malpensa Airport to Milan city center takes about 50 minutes. In case of traffic jams, it can be extended to 65-70 minutes.

The driver will drop you off at the entrance to the terminal assigned to your flight.

Our private transportation service in Milan is available 24/7. The rates shown above are daytime rates for private transports between 6:00 AM to 21:00 PM.  

These are the rates for private transports in Milan from Malpensa Airport to the city center during nighttime between 21:00 PM to 06:00 AM:

Private 1-3 passengers: only 140€

Van 3-6 passengers: only 150€

Van 7-8 passengers: only 160€

In the private transportation service from the Milan Airport, the driver drops off the passengers at the hotel or apartment entrance. Only in cases where the street is blocked, or access to the vehicle is not possible for other reasons will the driver drop off the passengers at the point closest to the entrance to the hotel or apartment. In cases where the trip is from Milan to the airport and there’s a problem entering the street where the hotel or apartment is located, the driver will contact you directly and inform you of an alternative pickup point.

In the private transportation service from the Milan hotel to the airport, you are asked to wait for the driver at the hotel entrance or lobby. The driver will pick you up from there. If it’s an apartment, the waiting will be at the entrance to the building where the apartment is located, at the address indicated in the order confirmation. The driver will drop you off at the entrance to the terminal from where your flight leaves.

In order to arrive relaxed to your flight, we recommend that you order the pickup from the hotel between three and a half to four hours before the flight departs. This will ensure your arrival at the terminal at least three hours (and usually between two and a half to three hours) before departure.

Our drivers always follow the flight time, but it’s important for us to receive the information from the customer in real time in order to prepare in the most efficient way ahead of time – you can update us by email or WhatsApp.

The reservation will be cancelled in exceptional cases of a significant change in flight time, beyond three hours and with less than 24 hours’ notice.

We recommend that you book the service along with booking the flights to Milan – without prepayment. This way you can start your vacation with peace of mind. We ask our customers who wish to order less than 24 hours before the travel date to contact us to check availability via WhatsApp message to the number: 058-6911946, or in Italy to the number: +39-3207823557.

We ask for at least 12 hours’ advance notice of a change or cancellation of a transport so that we have enough time to inform the drivers and prepare accordingly. Thank you! 

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