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We are proud to present you our unique and amusing English guided tours program in Rome that will help you discover the eternal city from new and curious angles. 

בקרוב – סיור אוכל ברומא, סיור קולינרי ברומא שהוא יוצא דופן וטעים במיוחד! הדרכים להכיר את רומא הן רבות, אבל אחת הטובה שבהן היא היא דרך הבטן! סיורים קולינריים ברומא בעברית. רומא סיורים בעברית – טיול ברומא עם מדריך טיולים ישראלי מקומי. סיורים שהם אטרקציות ברומא למטייל הישראלי. להכיר את רומא אחרת בטיול עם מדריך מקומי.

Our variety of itineraries is innovative and created with the spirit of who is keen to show Rome in a commingle of known and unknown, telling some of the stories that no one had never tell, and permit those who visit the city to enjoy the famous sites but have also a jump into the authentic Roman culture and habits. We analyze the processes and the periods from historic and cultural point of view, and offer a product that represents a novelty in the world of Roman guided tours.

As a Jewish originated agency, one of our principal goals is the story of the Roman Jewish community, one of the most ancient Jewish communities in the whole world. Indeed, our most popular tour- the Secret Rome, has being made upon to the Jewish secret stories, and with the attempt to shed some light over some of the less common decrypted periods. 

The Secret Rome tour- a 3.5 hour tour that tells the story of the Jewish community of Rome from the period of Titus and the stolen Menorah, the Jewish lamp stand, by the Romans during the expulsion of the Jews from the temple in Jerusalem, at 70 D.C. The first Jewish presence in Rome dates back to this historical moment.

 We then jump until the middle age centuries, passed between lights and shadows for the Jews, but with some remarkable years of prosperity. We then cover the events that characterized the Jewish life in Rome in contemporary times.

In addition to the Jewish history, we will discover also the famous and charming neighborhood of Trastevere, one of Rome’s most authentic zones, and also one of its most beautiful. 

Our tour to the Vatican Museums will be guided by our charming professional guide- Lee Teperberg.  

Lee is an Israeli guide who lives in Italy in the last years, expert in arts and Jewish history, and in love with Florence and Michelangelo, as she use to state, and she will be delighted to present you the hidden treasures of the most famous museums in the whole world. You will remain surely impressed by the profound thematic and the immense beauty that this tour can offer.

 We have also launched recently a new Tailor Made tour. It means that you can organize in advance your visit by making a list of attractions you would like to pass by. Some people have already visited Rome and want to try a new experience. Romio is ready to please your desires. You can choose a Private tour with driver and a guide, or just with a private driver. We will be ready to help you with the organizational part and with some great and useful special hints about charming corners, cool wine bars and the best suggestions for coffee and ice-cream break. 

Lastly, we have also launched recently an amazing photography tour with a local professional photographer. Micol Piazza Sed is a Roman professional photographer in the last 20 years, and she will be ready to join you for an unforgettable trip among the ruins of the ancient Rome, in the fashion neighborhood of Trastevere or around the most famous squares of Rome, as the Roman stairs (Piazza Di Spagna), the Trevi fountain, the Pantheon and Piazza Navona . We can ensure that it will be a special experience that you might remember for a long time.  

Our tours have been created with competence, and foremost with a profound connection to this city, with whom we tied our own personal destinies. our tours are enjoyable by everybody, kids including, so do not hesitate in case you travel with young kids! 

For further information regarding our tours your are invited to contact us on email to:, or by sending a whattsapp message to this number: +39-320-782-3557

רומא סיורים בעברית עם מדריכים מומלצים, אטרקציות ברומא המתאימות במיוחד למטיילים הישראליים.

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