Ancient Rome

A Unique Tour In Trastevere, The Jewish Ghetto and the Old City

Itinerary: The neighbourhood of Trastevere, The Tiber Island, The Jewish Ghetto, Theatre of Marcellus, The Capitol Hill, Foro Romano and Colosseum.

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Our secret Rome tour is not one of those tours mentioned in the classical tourists guide books. First, this tour is being made in small groups (usually with less than 8 participants), in order to create a warm and intimate atmoshpere . 

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The tour starts at our usual meeting point on the center of Piazza Trilussa, in the heart of the neighborhood Trastevere. This is one of the focal centers of the Roman Movida”- the Roman night life.

This area host an important concentration of night clubs, pubs, Wine bars and classical Roman restaurants, and its full of energy and people during the whole day.

We will start with a short description regarding the history of the neighborhood, the Tiber River and a brief presentation of the group.

Afterward we’ll walk through the narrow alleys of Trastevere and reach another main square- Piazza Santa Maria In Trastevere, in whom located one of Rome’s most remarkable churches, and according to the local legends this is the first Christian temple in Rome, after its conversion to Christianity during the IV century under Constantinus. And its has also a Jewish connection… we’ll figure that out!

The next stop, after crossing the main street of the neighborhood, Viale Di Trastevere, is the other and quieter part of Trastevere, where we’ll find some unique Jewish finds from the middle age.

We will tell the story of that ancient community, of whom first evidences dates back to Titus destruction of the Jewish temple in Jerusalem at 70 D.C and the first Jewish slaves in Rome. The golden age period of the jews in the city dates back to the middle age, Indeed, Jewish life in Rome sign an important time during the XI-XIV centuries, when Jews enjoyed freedom of cult and profession, and were dominant in the local political and cultural events.

Some Jews important personalities have also reached a very high positions in the local politics and in the hidden rooms of the Pope’s entourage. We show during this part of the tour a very ancient and small Synagogue with Mikwe downstairs, located in the heart of a quiet and peaceful alley of the neighborhood.

From Trastevere we will reach the Tiber Island,  a site that according to the ancient Roman legends hide some powerful therapeutic virtues. It is a very interesting place that gather both Jewish and Christian hospitals, and sign a conjunction point between the Jewish Ghetto and the rest of the city, or, in other terms, between the Jewish world and the Christian world.

Subsequently, we will proceed towards the second part of the tour, entering to the Jewish Ghetto, where the Jews had to be crowded from the XVI century and till the XIX century due to the Pope’s Paolo IV decree, and where they built one of the most impressive synagogues in the whole world, at the beginning of the XX century, to signify their liberation from those strict conditions, just few decades before the Nazi’s arrival to the city and Mussolini’s racial laws.

The final part of our tour explore the beauty  of the ancient part of the city, first amid the old theater of Marcellus, and then by climbing the Capitol Hill, Roman city municipal residence,  and the Roman Forum. We will finish our tour in front of the most famous site of the city- The Colosseum– its millennial unique history and implications on the whole city and the Jewish life in the past and in our times.

The secret Rome tour was created in collaboration with Mr. Jacopo Reale, historical and expert of Christian and Jewish civilization in Rome.

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