The Vatican Museum Tour

Itinerary: The most important rooms of the Vatican Museums, The Sistine Chappel and the Basilica of Saint Peter.

Join our unique tour in the Vatican Museums, the richest and most visited museums in the whole world, with milions of visitators each year. The guide is Lee Teperberg, an Israeli who settled up in Italy in the last years. Lee is an expert in arts and Judaism, and she will be delightful to present you this amazing place from an innovative and profound point of view.

In this tour we will walk through the most important rooms of the Vatican Museums, including Raphael’s room, the maps room and other chose parts. 

We will explore some of the amazing art creatures of this museum, trying to lay out meaningful notions about Christianity, Judaism, the connection between them, but also about the origin and meaning of human life, transmitted by those peaces of art that represents the highest Human artistic creation. 

We will then walk through the most important room of the museum- the Sistine Chappel and the frescoes of Michelangelo. This is also the place where the Conclave- the assembly of the Cardinals for the election of the new pope, gathers. 

We terminate our visit in the Church of Saint Peter by adoring Michelangelo most famous statue, “La Pieta”- The Pity.

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