Port of Rome – Premium Transport Service to the Port of Civitavecchia at the Best Prices in Rome

Are you sailing to Rome or anchoring there as part of your cruise vacation? Order Romio’s transport service from Rome or the airport to the port of Civitavecchia and back, with a quality service standard and affordable prices in Rome – with no advance payment!

Arrive at Civitavecchia (right at the port of the ship!) from Rome and back with peace of mind, in modern and spacious vehicles, with courteous and professional drivers and customer service, which will accompany you from the moment you order until the end of your vacation.

Romio price list – Civitavecchia port transport service at the best prices in Rome

Are you anchoring in Rome for a short time and want to experience the best it has to offer? We offer cruise shippers the service of a private driver who will accompany you for a few hours or a whole day from the seaport for an experiential day in Rome.

For more details and for ordering a beach tour in Rome, click here.

How to order?

  • To order transports to the port of Civitavecchia and back, all you need to do is fill in the order details in the reservation system below.
  • Pay attention to the baggage limit for each type of vehicle and specify the exact amount of baggage in the order notes. 

  • After completing the order, we will send you an automatic return email indicating only that we have received the order (you must also check the spam box).
  • The transportation team will send a response to the order by email within 24 hours of receiving it. An orderly summary will be sent and it must be read carefully and confirmed by return email (check in the spam box).
  • After we receive your approval of the details, a final order confirmation will be sent by email.

** You can order up to one safety seat in a vehicle for a child over 1 year old for 10€ ,depending on availability. Please note, the law in Italy does not require children to be seated in safety seats in taxi services and private transportation.

Day rate price list (06:00-20:30)

Private E-Class – Up to three passengers

Private transport in a luxurious private Mercedes E-Class or BMW 5 – for one to three passengers.

Price: €140

Van – Three to five passengers

Private transport for three to five passengers in a modern and spacious van.

Price: 185€

Van – Up to eight passengers

Private transport for three to eight passengers in a large, modern and spacious van.

Price: 195€

Two large vans – eight to ten passengers

Private transport for eight to ten passengers in two large, modern and spacious vans.

Price: 370€

Two large vans – ten to sixteen passengers

Private transport for ten to sixteen passengers in two large, modern and spacious vans.

Price: 390€

Why order Romio’s transport services in Rome?

After years of experience in the field of transportation and tours, we decided to gather the knowledge and skill we gained working with the Israeli audience in Rome and create Romio – a quality and accessible service that will help you enjoy Rome with peace of mind.

We work with a loyal team of dedicated, courteous and professional drivers, all of whom have many years of experience on the road and the roads of Rome in particular. Their sense of service is a priority and they’ll be happy to assist in whatever way they can. Transportation is carried out in modern, spacious and air-conditioned vehicles. At the same time, we operate an available, efficient and courteous customer service. It will accompany you from the moment you place your order until the end of your vacation. We respond to inquiries quickly and thoroughly, and guarantee the best service in the market.

We provide a quality service of private transports at affordable prices from the seaport of Civitavecchia and back to Rome or the airport, for all groups of travelers – couples, families and groups at competitive prices and at the best level of service in the field.

Anchoring in Rome for one day as part of the cruise? We offer a private service of beach tours in a variety of vehicles with a driver who will accompany you for a fun day from the port to Rome.
Contact us by WhatsApp +972-58-6911946.

Private transports from the port of Civitavecchia in Rome – FAQ

You can wait for the driver at the hotel entrance, or in the hotel lobby. They will come to pick you up from there. If it is an apartment, the waiting takes place at the entrance to the building where the apartment is located, at the address indicated in the order confirmation. The driver will drop you off at the entrance to the terminal of the return flight.

It’s very simple – fill in the Rome transport reservation form on this page above and you will shortly receive an email containing the essential travel details, including the meeting place with the driver. We will compile the details into an email message, and all you have to do is confirm the order.

After approval we will send you back a help page – we recommend keeping a copy or screenshot of the page with you. Please note, if we don’t receive your confirmation of the order via email or WhatsApp message, we will not be able to reserve the service for you.

That is, it is not enough to fill in the transport order form on the website, it is important that you receive all the essential details and only after you are sure of all the details of the trip and confirm it, we reserve a place for you.

The driver will be waiting for you with a sign bearing the Romio logo with your name, upon exiting the ship at Civitavecchia. They will drop you off at the point prearranged in the order confirmation – at the city center, the airport or the entrance to the hotel/apartment.

You can of course order a transport from the airport or from any destination in the city center of Rome to the seaport and back – we send the details of the meeting point at the airport in Rome in an orderly email.

If you order a personal driver service, they will accompany you from the moment you get off the ship for the duration of your stay in the city and will return you to the ship at the end of your stay.

The duration of the trip from Civitavecchia to the center of Rome or to the airport ranges from an hour and a quarter to an hour and a half at most, depending on the traffic load on the road.

Our private transport service in Rome is available 24 hours a day. The rates shown above are day rates for private transports between 6:00 a.m. to 20:30 p.m.

The driver drops off the passengers at the entrance to the hotel or apartment. Only in cases where the street is blocked, or access to the vehicle is not possible for other reasons, will the driver drop off the passengers at the point closest to the entrance to the hotel or apartment.

At Civitavecchia, the drop-off takes place at the ship’s door – our drivers have a special visa to enter the port up to the ship’s door.

Payment is made directly to the driver in cash, at the end of the trip – without advance payment.

In cases of a change in the flight time or the loss of luggage, as well as in other cases where the schedule changes, we ask that you contact us via email or WhatsApp message and update about the change.

Please note, our drivers follow the flight schedule and wait accordingly. However, in cases where the flight time is early or delayed by more than two hours from the original reservation date, and if the change is less than 24 hour-notice from the service date, we are forced to cancel the reservation.

We recommend that you reserve the service together with booking the flights to Rome – without advance payment. This way you can start your vacation with peace of mind.

We ask our customers who wish to make an order less than 24 hours before the travel date to contact us to check availability by Whatsapp message to the number: 058-6911946, or to the Italian number: +39-3207823557.


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