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Activities for couples in Rome

There are many desirable destinations for couples - Paris, the city of lights, the sensual Maldives, exotic Thailand, Princess Venice... and Queen Rome. Among its many titles, Eternal Rome is also known as one of the ultimate and most romantic destinations for couples. It has countless magical attractions that will rekindle the love between you and make you fall in love! (In Rome, yes?). And now we will make a small "cut" from the kitsch and move on to all the attractions, locations and the most romantic things to do in Rome, according to Romio:

Tossing coins in the Trevi Fountain – probably the pinnacle of Roman romance – toss coins together into the waters of the baroque wishing fountain and maybe your wish will come true! This is the most magnificent and famous fountain in the city, and one of the most beautiful in the world. (See also the article “The perfect checklist for a trip to Rome”). This is the ideal site for couple selfies!

A trip to the Vatican – the beautiful center of world Christianity is Mast – the Holy Vatican complex includes museums with huge art collections, well-kept gardens, an impressive church and other monuments that you should visit mainly at night, by moonlight, to enhance and enrich the marital experience.

Spending time in the Trastevere district – a district that is a historical gem, loud and especially loved by lovers. The beautiful district is especially lively in the evening and at night, and is full of entertainment places such as restaurants and bars. It is recommended to sit by one of the fountains with a glass of Aperol in hand and a smile in your heart!

A walk in the gardens of Villa Borghese – what is more romantic than a walk in magical gardens, with fountains and musicians from all sides? The gardens of Villa Borghese are large and beautiful gardens from the 17th century, designed in the English style. It is highly recommended to have a picnic there during the pleasant months of the year.

Night tour of the Colosseum – The Colosseum is perhaps the most famous amphitheater of all. The iconic location is extremely romantic and less touristy at night, so you will experience it in a more relaxed atmosphere. We recommend that you have dinner on one of the rooftops overlooking the Colosseum or take a dip in the jacuzzi overlooking it.

Colosseum at night

Cruise on the Tiber River – a cruise on the long Tiber will show you Rome from a different and fun angle. On the cruise you will pass through ancient bridges such as Ponte Sisto, the dome of St. Peter’s Basilica and other landmarks. The cruise departs every half an hour or so and you should book it at sunset, because sunset = romance. It even has categories for you to choose from, such as a cruise with music or with dinner.

A private horse-drawn carriage tour – another way to see Rome from a different point of view is a ride in a well-designed and comfortable horse-drawn carriage, specially adapted for couples. The trip will show you (with a guide) the great beauty of Rome and its main attractions, such as St. Peter’s Basilica and the Augustus Mausoleum. Such a trip recreates the primary way of transportation in ancient Rome, so you will feel that you have returned in time to reality as well as to a legend!

Tour of Castel Sant’Angelo – Another magical place is this ancient fortress, Castel Sant’Angelo (“Castle of the Angels”). Crossing it will take you through the entire history of Rome, and it will interest lovebirds like you especially at night.

Ascent to the Santangelo Bridge – Ascent to the ancient Bridge of the Angels on the Tiber will show you the beautiful angel statues and the view of Castel Sant’Angelo. This is one of the most beautiful bridges in the city, and here too you should reach it at sunset.

Going up to the Ponte Sisto bridge – it’s worth going up to this beautiful and ancient bridge in the heart of Rome, at dusk. It offers a view of the Vatican, the dome of St. Peter’s Basilica and the Trastevere neighborhood. This is one of the most romantic locations there is!

Castel Sant'Angelo

Spending time on a rooftop – this is a very trendy pastime for couples in many cities around the world, and beautiful Rome is one of them. It doesn’t matter if you go there during the day, after midnight or at night, it’s always refreshing to sit on the roof with a beautiful view of the city and the skyline, accompanied by a glass of good drink, an aperitif or a meal. (See also the article “The hottest rotops in Rome”).

Photo tour – we are in the age of Instagram and it is acceptable to take pictures in every corner, all the more so when it comes to one of the most beautiful and romantic locations in the world. Therefore, dear couples, we recommend that you return to Israel with photographed souvenirs from a professional photo session in Rome. We also provide such tours in Romio!

Sitting on Aventino Hill – one of the seven hills of Rome is one of the quietest and most intimate spots, so it is perfect for couples. It has a panoramic view of the city, which includes the dome of St. Peter’s Basilica and the Testaccio neighborhood. It is recommended to sit in the orange garden at the top of the hill and smell the pleasant citrus fruit. love is in the air!

Eating gelato – Italy is full of delicious sweets, and one of them is gelato, an inclusive name for all types of ice cream. You probably like ice cream, and Italy is the kingdom of ice cream. And you have a big advantage because in two you will enjoy double the amount of cold and comforting ice cream! (See our recommendations for ice cream parlors in the article “The trophy is ours: the best ice cream parlors in Rome”).

Dance in a night club – do you want to dance together to the music with a glass of drink in hand, to be happy and forget the troubles of the day? So dress up and go to one of the many clubs that Rome has to offer (see our recommendations in the article “Night life in the city – the hottest clubs in the city”).

Dinner at a trattoria – no stay in Rome is complete without a meal at a traditional trattoria, an Italian-style family restaurant. Book a place for a candlelight dinner in one of the trattorias scattered around the city, and enjoy!

Helicopter tour – if you want to see all the main tourist sites from a bird’s eye view (and also feel a bit VIP), take a private helicopter tour. You will fly on it, literally!

Wine tasting tour – Italy specializes in many areas, and one of them is wine. If you are in the business and want to get to know Italian wine, we have built a personal and intoxicating tasting tour for you (you must have already noticed that we love ambiguity).

Spa – Spending time in a spa for couples is like spending time in a candy store for children! This is a wonderful gift for your partner to take a break from the daily race of life. Whether it is a massage or a sauna, everyone will find an activity to their liking. Among the favorite activities for couples, you will find a joint massage and a double dip in the jacuzzi.

Watching a show at the Rome Opera – if you want to soak up some culture together, we highly recommend watching a wonderful opera or a charming ballet at the Rome Opera. This is one of the most famous opera houses in the world.

Painting class – Rome is a city of art, that’s why we found a slightly different and very special attraction for you: surprise your spouse with a painting class and show off your skills. Don’t forget to take the paintings as a souvenir for a lovely date!

A night tour of the city – there is nothing more romantic and simple than a night tour hand in hand in one of the most beautiful cities in history. The possibilities are endless: Campo di Fiori, the Jewish Ghetto, Piazza Navona, the Spanish Steps, hidden alleys and much more.

Pasta making class – Pasta will make a human heart happy, and that’s why we recommend you go to a joint pasta making class together. Along the way you will learn, taste and above all enjoy!

Pasta workshop

A trip in a Vespa – the word Vespa definitely reminds us of Rome, and not just because it is one of its symbols. Rent the red scooter and zigzag together in style between the sites of the city, just like in the movies!

Tour the Pincho Gardens – discover these beautiful 19th-century gardens, east of Piazza del Popolo. Be delighted together by the statues, fountains and other wonders there. As in the secret of the disappearing garden!

Sitting at a bar – there’s nothing like ending the day with a glass of fine alcohol and wonderful company, so go on a tour of neighborhood bars or pubs in Rome. By the way, you can always upgrade the bar experience with a live performance. (See our recommendations in the article “Night life in Rome – the hottest bars in the city”).

Food tour – they say that the way to a man’s heart is in his stomach, but this statement is definitely valid for women too! Surprise your partner with a food tour in one of the most delicious cities in the globe, and you’ll thank us later.

Marriage proposal – there is no more perfect city than Rome for a marriage proposal from the magazines, and the number of spots for the proposal is negligible. See you happily!

A marriage proposal

The truth is that this checklist can be continued endlessly and fill a whole notebook with it. Rome is very rich in attractions and hence the options for couples’ outings are countless. It is not for nothing that it is said to be one of the most romantic cities in the world, with all its alleys, squares, gardens, fountains and other beautiful monuments and sites. There is nothing like Rome both during the day and at night, and especially in couples! Note that when you reverse the name Roma you will get Amor, “love” in Spanish (and amore in Italian if you “push” the e), and this is a really cool coincidence. Cheers for love!  🧡


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