The Airport in Rome – Fiumicino – The Complete Guide to Flying to Rome

Welcome to Rome! Leonardo da Vinci-Fiumicino Airport (Fco) is the international and largest airport in Italy, approximately 32 km from the center of Rome. Like other airports in the world, it has unlimited free Wi-Fi, Lounges, shops (luxury duty free, clothing, luggage, books, electronics and more, food businesses (bars, restaurants and lounge businesses), banks, pharmacies, etc. It is considered the best airport in Europe for the fourth year in a row! It is recommended to arrive about 3 hours before the flight so that you can reach it comfortably. you can also travel to and from it easily by car, taxi, train or bus.

You’ve already heard about Rome from friends and seen it in movies… you fantasized about the picturesque alleys and the delicious pizzas… you consulted among yourselves and decided to book a vacation in the eternal city… you ordered plane tickets and a hotel… and whoop! Without you feeling it, the long-awaited day has already arrived. A real attraction in itself – the international port of Rome is known by two names – Fiumicino Airport (named after the coastal town near Rome where it is located) and Leonardo da Vinci. Rome’s airport excels in beautiful modern architecture, many shops, innovative duty free and a multitude of eateries, all open 24/7. Here is the complete and updated guide with all the important information for those taking off and landing in Rome, have a pleasant flight.

Terminals at Fiumicino Airport

Two terminals are currently active at Fiumicino Airport: Terminal 1 operates flights with the companies Alitalia, Air Europa, Ryanair and Visair; Terminal 3 is the large terminal that operates domestic flights as well as flights to countries in the Schengen Agreement and beyond (among them the USA, Israel and with it Israeli companies). Terminal 1 and 3 in Rome is about a five minute walk.

Tax refund at Rome airport

Anyone who is not an EU citizen can request a tax refund in Rome. First, at the time of purchase, you must ask the store owner to fill out the relevant form (each store works with a different tax refund company, such as Global Blue). The minimum amount to receive a tax refund in Rome is relatively high compared to other European cities – 154.95 euros for each purchase in a specific store and it is not possible to combine receipts from different dates. The tax refund percentage in Italy varies between 11.5-15 percent depending on the purchase amount. When you arrive at the airport, you can request a refund at the customs offices in the departure hall in Terminal 1, Terminal 3 and the departure area of Terminal E, near the information point at the airport or at the tax refund offices.

Remember to request a refund for products that are in the suitcase you are sending before check-in! Without a boarding pass you will not be able to get a refund on your purchases and you may find yourself wasting valuable time in line for nothing. Sometimes you will have to show the purchases you made, so if you want to send the items, tell the check-in counters that you must come back and ask for tax refunds so that you can return with the suitcase to the tax refund counters. The Global Blue company has a very convenient self-service counter for the tax refund process at the airport, easily fill in details, transfer a credit card, and unless you send the tax official to show the items – you have completed the process in a few minutes.

Duty Free in Rome

Fiumicino Airport – Rome

Terminal 1: includes the new Aelia duty free which is the largest in Europe. Chains such as Victoria’s Secret, Accessories, Desigual, Ralph Lauren, Swarovski, Hermes, Intimissimi, Timberland, Armani Jeans, Pandora, Adidas, Nike, Zara, Porla, Lacoste… operate in the terminal.

Terminal 3: includes Aelia Duty Free and a VAT-free mall, with more than 50 stores and luxury brands. For example: United Colors of Benton, Burberry, Bulgari, Diesel, Dolce & Gabbana, Fendi, Armani, Gucci, Hermes , Louis Vuitton, Max Mara, Michael Kors, Mont Blanc, Prada, Rolex, Swatch, Valentino…

An important tip for lovers of luxury brands! The prices of the haute couture brands at the airport in Rome are tax-free among the best in the world. If there is a specific model you are interested in, you can contact some of the luxury stores and find out if it is in stock at the airport or order it specially.

Cafes and restaurants at the airport in Rome

Terminal 1: Several food businesses are open in the terminal and here are examples of them – the famous Italian gourmet brand Eataly “dominates” in four stalls full of salty and sweet Italian food, as well as a wine bar; the American fried chicken KFC; The Cioccolati Italiani cafe specializes in chocolate and its desserts, including gluten-free; Delice Maison cafe-bakery serving focaccia, brioche, muffins, etc.

Terminal 3: Zone E has a diverse selection of restaurants and cafes, for example: Beercode which is an international cuisine and bar. The specialty is in beer and dishes such as hamburgers, grills and salads, the innovative Chef Market with regional dishes, breakfast and snacks, there is a special take-away service for flights; Caffe Kimbo offering Neapolitan food, a combination of traditional and innovative with a special take-away service for flights; Bottega prosecco bar and restaurant established to promote Italian lifestyle with wine and good food from quality ingredients; Farinella, another Neapolitan restaurant with a relaxed atmosphere, offering appetizers, pizza, pasta and meat, also here there is a special take-away service for flights; Venchi 1878 specializing in chocolate, ice creams, crepes and more.

VIP service - the business lounge at the airport in Rome

The VIP service is suitable for those who want to fly in style. You have three options: if you don’t feel like carrying luggage, then you can order a porter (9 euros for regular luggage, 12 euros for special luggage such as surfboards); You can get special access to the expressway without queuing in terminals 1 and 3 (8 euros per person, free for children under 12); Or staying in the business lounge at gate E (30 euros per person, free for children under 12). In the business lounge at the airport in Rome there are comfortable seats, changing rooms, a buffet of light meals, salads, pasta quiches, etc., and you can also order additional light meals from the lounge app.

Rome Ciampino Airport

Ciampino is Rome’s second international airport. It is a small airport with only one terminal, used mainly for domestic flights, as well as low-cost flights. Ciampino Airport (Simo CIA) is located about 12 km from the center of Rome and is therefore closer to it than Fiumicino.

Special services for assisted passengers in Rome and other services

Assistance for those with disabilities including desks with special access and expedited security procedures; Pharmacy in Terminal 3 (2nd floor); Pharmacies that do not require prescriptions (exit area E); A children’s area and two baby corners including play areas in Terminals 1 and 3; streaming of short films for pre-flight entertainment; Possibility to navigate the airport with a map through the smartphone, in the official application of Fiumicino and Ciampino (Rome Airports). The app also includes updates about the flight in real time and services at the airport. It provides support for the entire travel process to make it easier and more comfortable at the airport (with information about shops, restaurants, and more); possibility to store your luggage for 10 euros for 24 hours; Four lounges where you can stay for your convenience.

Romio's shuttle service from the airport in Rome

We saved the icing on the cake for the end of the article – so how do you get from the airport in Rome to the hotel in the city and back?

Romio has been offering the most popular shuttle service in Rome for many years, and is ranked among the top five shuttle companies in Rome out of hundreds of companies rated by travelers on TripAdvisor.

We offer the convenient and affordable way to get from the airport in Rome to the hotel in the city and back, in one of two affordable options 24 hours a day:

  • Shuttle from the airport in Rome – our unique shuttle – shared and efficient transportation from the airport in Rome to your hotel or apartment in Rome. In each shuttle only three couples from the same flight – the same cost as a train ticket from the airport to the center of Rome – only 20 euros one way!
  • Premium private transfers from the airport in Rome – a driver who will wait only for you with a luxurious and comfortable car at the airport in Rome – from only 60 euros each way!


Romio also operates premium transfer services to the port of Civitavecchia, shore excursions to anchorages in the port of Rome from cruise ships and a private driver service for trips around Rome and to a variety of destinations – at great prices.

Additional transportation options from Rome airport to the city

Train from the airport in Rome to the city center - Leonardo Express

The Leonardo Express train line arriving at Termini Central Station. The train departs from the airport in Rome in about half an hour, reaches the city center in 32 minutes and costs 15 euros by pre-booking online. If you are not staying in the Termini station area (a cheap option for accommodation not recommended), you will have to proceed from there by metro or bus (costing 1.5 euros per ticket).

Another train from the airport is the suburban train (Regionale). This is a less popular option because it does not stop at Termini but at other stations, but is suitable for those staying in the Trastevere area of Rome. The train leaves every fifteen minutes or every half hour on weekends and holidays. The travel time is longer and it is less comfortable, but accordingly cheaper (8 euros per person).

Bus from the airport in Rome to the city

Another possibility to reach the city center of Rome from Fiumicino Airport is by bus with companies such as Terravision, TAM and SIT. The bus stops are located at the public transportation terminal a few minutes away from Terminal 3. The trip takes about an hour and it leaves every 40 minutes to an hour, costing about ten euros. It stops at the central station (Termini) and some companies also reach the Vatican area. The Terravision company operates the bus service between 8:30 a.m. and 12:30 a.m., and the other companies operate a shorter time range that varies throughout the year. The bus service is not active from the airport to Rome after 00:30.

Taxi from the airport in Rome to the city

The cost of a taxi from the airport in Rome to the city center costs €50 according to the rate established by law – this is a fixed daily rate. This is the basic rate for a “private” type vehicle, which does not include various extras for which an additional fee must be paid by law. Such as, a payment for each suitcase, an additional payment for a travel destination located outside the city center (outside the walls of Orleans), an additional 10% on official holidays and dates, an additional night rate and more.

The color of taxis in Rome is white with the inscription “TAXI”. Taxis are required to wait in a designated line outside the terminal and cannot stop for passengers spontaneously. It should be taken into account that the queues of passengers waiting for a taxi at the Rome airport are long (depending on the time of day) and the waiting time for a taxi at the Rome airport can reach up to an hour – especially at night.

It should be noted that the reputation of taxi drivers in Italy and in Rome in particular is very low, many travelers in Rome report that taxi drivers in Rome extorted prices with various claims and forced them to pay tens of euros more than the fixed rate.

Also, there are drivers who do not have legal permission to transport passengers who approach passengers in the terminal and offer them transportation services – these are usually drivers who are not legally insured and who extort prices in an unusual way. It is recommended to avoid this option of course.

Without us noticing, time flies and your vacation in Rome is over. sucks right? Don’t let depression take over you, think about the fact that you still have a short time left at the airport in Rome and inhale some last Roman air. If you read the article before your arrival in Rome, read it again to get all the important information and tips about Fiumicino Airport. Enjoy yourself with an Italian meal and a last espresso and jump to the fruit duty.

Have a nice flight from Romio’s Team!


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