Aperitivo in Rome – Recommended Places

One of the traditions rooted in Italian culture is the aperitivo. The origin of the word is in the Latin word apperire which means "to open", and the purpose of the aperitivo is indeed to "open" the appetite before dinner (similar to an aperitif). It is a centuries-old custom where Italians meet outside for a glass of alcoholic drink with/without snacks, after work and before dinner. Therefore and in accordance with this,Romio’s team presents you with recommendations for worthwhile places in Rome for an aperitivo:

Il Sorpasso – Prati district

Bar Sorpasso is in the prestigious Prati district on a small side street, within walking distance of Via Cavour and Cola di Rianzo. This is an intimate and warm bar with a trendy crowd and a fun vibe. It offers a huge wine menu, cocktails, preserved meats and excellent cheeses from all regions of Italy. Special – fine cheeses and sausages.

Address: Via Properzio 31

Salotto 42 – Pantheon area

A central, chic and loud bar on a beautiful street in the historic center area. It offers an aperitivo buffet with organic and vegetarian options, and its uniqueness is in the rich and sophisticated cocktail menu, which cost only 10 euros. Special – cocktails for 10 euros.

Address: P.za di Pietra 42

Tree Bar - Flaminio district

Tree Bar is a bar with an indoor and outdoor space, matching its name with the green landscape that surrounds it. It is a relaxing and lively place at the same time, serving home-brewed beers (some for 4 euros!), Bio wine and cocktails, pizza and pastries at relatively cheap prices (price range between 9 and 12 euros!). Special – green view.

Address: Via Flaminia 226

Freni e Frizioni – Trastevere

One of the famous bars in the heart of Trastevere. It is a trendy bar designed in a modern style, and has a large terrace that is especially suitable for an aperitivo. The friendly staff serves original cocktails and a varied aperitivo buffet, which can replace a light dinner. In the buffet you will find mainly vegetarian and Italian dishes, and all at affordable prices. Special – a buffet that is also a meal.

Address: Via del Politeama 4

Gusto - the historical center

A central and modern bar close to Piazza del Popolo. It offers an aperitivo for 10 euros, consisting of good cocktails and quality wines. Among the snacks you will enjoy pizza (small pizza), arancini, mini sandwiches and salads.  Special – aperitivo for 10 euros.

Address: Piazza di Sant’Apollinare 41

VinAllegro – Trastevere

A small, warm and cozy wine bar. It has great background music, a nostalgic and romantic atmosphere (by the light of the many candles lit in it). It offers 500 wines from Italy and the world, cocktails, beers and more. The aperitivo costs 10 euros and includes a glass of alcoholic drink and a rich buffet with pasta, lasagna and more. Special – very romantic.

Address: Piazza Giuditta Tavani Arquati 114

Duke's - Parioli neighborhood

At Duke’s you will feel like Dukes – this is a bar-restaurant in the prestigious Parioli neighborhood. It specializes in cocktails and offers an aperitivo from Tuesday to Saturday, which includes food or cocktails at a 50 percent discount. The beers, wines and sparkling wines cost 5 euros (fixed price). Among the dishes you will find international dishes such as tortilla and ceviche. Special – international food.

Address: Viale Parioli 200

Terrazza Montemartini – the center of Rome

It is a rooftop bar in the five-star Palazzo Montemartini hotel close to Piazza della Repubblica and the National Museum of Rome. The specialty of the bar is cocktails with the bonus of a beautiful view. Special – beautiful views.

Address: Largo Giovanni Montemartini 20

Blackmarket Hall – Monty

Cocktail bar in the heart of the Monti district. It’s a cool bar with an old-time vibe featuring dim lighting and vintage furniture. Instead you will sip special cocktails and get a free drink for every delicious plate you order (meat/seafood/vegetarian). And it also offers live performances to complete the atmosphere. Special – old time atmosphere.

Address: Via de’ Ciancaleoni 31

Camponeschi - Campo di Fiori

An elegant and prestigious wine bar in the heart of Rome, with a courtyard in Piazza Farnese in Campo di Fiori. The bar has a generous staff, excellent alcoholic drinks and snacks. The place also has a restaurant if you want to have a formal dinner. Special – a luxurious atmosphere.

Address: Piazza Farnese 50


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