Rome for Vegans and Vegetarians
The Guide to Vegan and Vegetarian Restaurants in Rome

Veganism - no longer a passing trend: this way of life has caught on very strongly in many countries such as the USA and Israel, and the percentage of new vegans is constantly increasing. Nowadays, there is almost no self-respecting restaurant that does not serve vegan dishes, since vegans are a very large part of the population. This lifestyle is now also popular in restaurants in Italy and in Rome in particular, and the number of vegan restaurants in Rome is increasing every year. Are you vegan and want to visit the Italian capital? Don't skip our impressive list of successful vegan and vegetarian restaurants in Rome!

1. Romeow Cat Bistrot

If you love cats, hungry and vegan (but not necessarily), then you must come to the next lovely place: Romeow Cat Bistrot. This is a restaurant that was inspired by the tradition of the “feline” cafes in Japan, and six sociable cats walk there for their pleasure between the legs of the happy customers. This is a particularly Instagramable place with a cool interior, containing small and colorful tables, plants and paintings decorating the walls. Everything is 100 percent vegan and organic, with an international menu that changes often according to seasonal ingredients. Note that this is not a gimmick, this is one of the best known and best vegan restaurants in Rome! Among the special dishes – eggplant with vegetable feta, basil pesto and roasted pistachios; red rice in coconut and mango, with stir-fried vegetables, chili and lime; Sauteed seitan with dua, peppers, zucchini and green beans with coriander sauce. It’s a meow-awesome place for sure!

The special detail – a cafe-style restaurant

Address: Via Francesco Negri 15

2. Il Margutta

The next restaurant founded in 1979 is considered a must for vegans and vegetarians. Its location is excellent, near the Spanish Steps and Via del Corso. It is more elegant and luxurious and presents a creative and vegan twist on classic Roman dishes. Among the special vegan dishes – seitan skewers with hazelnuts, vegan mayonnaise and wasabi sauce; Sardinian pergola pasta with saffron zucchini, mint and vegan Italian cheese; Eggplant meatballs in a pan with capers, date tomatoes and oregano; Mango semifreddo with crispy waffle and berries, and even a vegan cheese platter! And if that’s not enough, the restaurant puts on musical shows and presents an art gallery that changes every few months, so you’ll enjoy both good food and culture!

The special detail – a restaurant and cultural space

Address: Via Margutta 118

3. Ma Va?

Ma va is an expression in Italian equivalent (more or less) to “What are you saying?!”, but not only – it is also a restaurant specializing in vegan and vegetarian food. She serves special and mostly unconventional dishes. Her space is small and homey, and she is in the Prati neighborhood close to the Vatican. The kitchen is open to customers who witness the “behind-the-scenes”. Among the special dishes – caponta of eggplant, hummus and tabula; Linguini in ginger; soy stew in coconut milk; Spinach salad with mango, green apple and chia seeds; Apple pie with salted caramel. In addition, you can convert all dishes in the restaurant to gluten-free dishes. There is a bonus – your pets can also enter it (as long as they are small)! So what do you say, go to Ma Va?

The special detail – animals are also admitted

Address: Via Euclide Turba 6

4. Flower Burger

Flower Burger is a fast food chain that was born in Italy and “flew” to the Netherlands, Morocco, France and many other countries in the world. Her specialty is in vegan hamburgers, and it is the first Italian vegan hamburger! The chain has two friendly branches in Rome, and are just as colorful as its burgers (probably not for nothing that the chain is called Flower Burger – the burgers are colored like flowers!), and all the dishes are made from natural ingredients only. The burgers with special and vegan toppings such as vegan cheddar, carrots, onion tartare and marinated purple cabbage, and the buns are made from extracts such as turmeric and beets, which give them a refreshing color. Among the special dishes – a hamburger with a mushroom patty in a pink bun (from beetroot and cherry extract); hamburger with oat patty and red beans in a green bun (from black sesame seeds); hamburger with hummus patty in a yellow bun (turmeric); Seitan and red bean bites; passion fruit milkshake; Chocolate sausage. So who said vegan is boring?

The special detail – specializing in vegan burgers

Address 1: Via dei Gracchi 87

Address 2: Via Alessandria 21

5. 100% Bio

Last for today is the 100% Bio restaurant, as its name suggests – 100% organic. This is a restaurant-cafeteria that combines the vegan, vegetarian and healthy lifestyle in one extremely successful place. It serves a rich breakfast with different types of muffins, cakes, toasts, stuffed croissants and more. And of course there is no breakfast without coffee, which comes here with no less than five types of milk! The midday meal is built from a buffet with more than 30 dishes prepared daily and sold by weight, including salads and fresh fruit. In the evening you will enjoy an aperitivo with a wide selection of dishes and even organic alcohol. It pays to eat healthy!

The special detail – everything is completely organic

Address: Piazza di Porta S. Paolo 6/a

Veganism has become especially natural these days, and more and more people are embracing it for various reasons. Many of us tend to think that veganism is culinary boring, bland, tasteless and limiting in its offerings, but our list proves that the opposite is true. The offer for vegans is huge and impressive, and nowadays almost every meat or dairy dish has a vegan substitute, so there is no more room for excuses! Rome also came to this conclusion and the vegan restaurants abound like mushrooms after the rain, and more will follow in the second part of our article. Vegan is the best!


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