Day Trip From Rome to Umbria Marmora Falls

Romio invites you to go on a spectacular private day trip to the Marmora Falls in Umbria.

The province of Umbria borders Lazio, the area where Rome is located, so the trip takes a total of about an hour and a half each way, which makes Umbria also attractive for travelers arriving in Rome who wish to spend a day traveling outside of Rome.

The cost of the trip varies depending on the number of travelers and the vehicle required – contact us for details.

The track

Umbria itself is definitely one of the most beautiful regions in Italy, similar to its more famous neighbor Tuscany, Umbria also boasts green hills and mountains, an endless amount of nature in all its glory: in Umbria you can find wild forests, manicured lawns, hills, vineyards, olive trees, and waterfalls. Marmora Falls are in the south of the province, right next door to a small town called Terni.

The falls were actually created already in the third century BC, and for a strange reason. The Valino river that flowed near the neighboring city of Reiti caused the local residents to spread diseases, so the Roman consul in the area, Dantatus, had to intervene and ordered the construction of a channel that would divert the water towards the mountain area surrounding the neighboring city of Terni. About 200 years later the city of Tarni was almost flooded and this caused a crisis and almost a war between Raiti and Tarni. The Roman Senate had to intervene and decide on a solution. Probably already then the art of cover-up and misosmus was at its peak, since no real solution was given, but only intermediate solutions that kept Terni from being flooded. Today the falls are a popular tourist site mainly among Italians, and it includes many attractions.

The site includes several spectacular observation points, the most beautiful of which is called the “Balcone of Lovers” (Balcone Degli Innamorati), to reach it you have to go through a not so easy walking route. The site basically consists of three parallel routes that meet at some points. It includes descents and ascents and a walk of about 20-30 minutes to the large square where the central part of the river also flows. You can also go kayaking on the spot (no prior arrangement necessary), and stop for lunch at one of the cafeterias in the central square.

A trip to the waterfalls includes leaving Rome and traveling for about an hour and a half, the stay at the place is estimated between 3-4 hours and then an hour and a half to return to Rome. In total, it is a trip of about eight hours. We recommend it to travelers who like to go and arrive equipped with comfortable walking shoes and sports clothing. We promise you that you will discover a special place and give your vacation added value!

The days and hours of activity of the sites vary between the months of the year – you must verify appropriate dates before ordering the service. You can read more details on the official Marmora Falls website in English.

Romio offers you to take a break from the bustling city life and go on a fun trip, with a private driver who will pick you up from your hotel in Rome and accompany you throughout a day of experiential travel outside of Rome. Contact us for more details and to book the trip through the reservation system on this page or by WhatsApp message to the number +972-58-6911946 – we will be happy to help and build the route that suits you!

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