Day Trip From Rome to Lazio and
Umbria Orvieto

If you want to break the routine, get out of the city and see magical and beautiful places, you have come to the right place. Romio invites you on a private day trip from Rome with an attached driver in two of the most beautiful and special towns in Italy, Orvieto and Civita di Bagniorgio. Geographically, the trip takes place in two bordering regions – the southern Umbria region and the northern Lazio region. The distance from Rome is not great, about an hour and a half drive each way. Between the towns themselves there is a distance of several tens of kilometers, about half an hour’s drive.

The cost of the trip varies depending on the number of travelers and the vehicle required – contact us for details.


The trip begins with pickup from your hotel or apartment in Rome. The initial trip will be from Rome to the town of Orvieto in the south of Umbria. Orvieto is a medieval town located on the side of a mountain, it has a total of about 20,000 inhabitants, but its ancient center bustles with life, commerce, and is spectacular in its beauty. In the center of the town is the “Duomo” of Orvieto (Il duomo di Orvieto), i.e. the big church of the town. This Duomo, built in the Gothic style, is not only the largest in the town, but one of the largest in Italy and Europe as a whole, and this is its uniqueness, as well as one of the triggers that attract tourists to the town from the rest of Italy and the whole world.

Orvieto offers a pastoral break of several hours during which you can enjoy wandering through the alleys of the town, walking right next to the doorstep of the houses where the town’s residents live, among the ancient water wells, the small and elegant squares and the local shops, where you can find many different types of workshops: iron, goldsmiths, ceramics , fabrics, and of course excellent local gastronomy products.

Civita di Banergio

After the visit to Orvieto during which you can also combine a break for lunch and ice cream, according to the decision of the travelers on the spot, we will continue to the nearby village of Civita. The village still belongs to the territory of the Lazio region, and is one of the most special in the world. The village is also called “the village of the dead” because there are almost no residents in it, except for the shop owners (most of whom also live in nearby areas and only come to the village to open the shop or restaurant).

You reach Chiuita via a bridge from which you can see a spectacularly beautiful view, and after a difficult ascent on foot. There are no other access ways to the village. The car park is at the foot of the mountain on which the village sits, so the trip is not recommended for people who have difficulty walking. If you are fit, the challenge is definitely doable, and of course recommended.

The village itself is built according to the best Italian tradition with many observation points (the village is 440 meters high), colorful alleys and several ancient churches. There are of course also shops and restaurants, as well as souvenir shops for the many tourists who come to the place. Civita was founded about 2500 years ago by the Etruscans, an ancient, advanced and interesting people who preceded the Romans, and whose centers of residence were mostly in Tuscany, Umbria and Lazio.

The experience in Civita is that of a place that is simply detached from the outside world, thanks to its physical distance, its height and the fact that people do not really live there. The village looks like a photo set and indeed it is used for the filming of many movies in Italy. We could have chosen many other destinations, but Chiuita is undoubtedly a place that goes beyond beauty and offers the visitor a unique and unusual experience.

At the end of the day you will return to the car and head back towards Rome. Arrival at the hotel is estimated within an hour and a half – two hours, depending on the traffic conditions on the roads.

Romio offers you to take a break from the bustling city life and go on a fun trip, with a private driver who will pick you up from your hotel in Rome and accompany you throughout a day of experiential travel outside of Rome. Contact us for more details and to book the trip through the reservation system on this page or by WhatsApp message to the number +972-58-6911946 – we will be happy to help and build the route that suits you!

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