Nightlife in Rome – The Hottest Clubs in The City

The beautiful Italian capital, best known for its impressive history and architecture, bustles with life even when the children go to bed and the moon begins the night. Rome's nightlife is vibrant with a variety of clubs, bars, pubs, rooftops and more, and we will devote the next article to the following topic - the hottest clubs in the city according to Romeo. Our recommendation is to "do it" like the Romans, whose night usually starts with a glass of aperitif around seven in the evening, continues with a late dinner, and ends up going out to the club. So hit the groove, prepare your dance steps and head to the dance floor!

Toy Room

The club is part of a global network of clubs that has branches in major cities such as Athens, Dubai and London. It is located in the heart of Rome and is known as one of the exclusive clubs in Europe and even in the world! The crowd that comes here is mostly international, and even celebrities like Rihanna and Leonardo DiCaprio frequent it. The DJ makes the crowd dance with mostly bouncy hip-hop music and the bartenders will offer you decent cocktails. Toy Room (or the “toy club” in free translation) is actually not a toy club at all, because it has no dress code and is open to all ages and preferences. The design is also cool and young as its name suggests, with teddy bears as part of its design. Yes yes, that’s not a typo! Please note that it only opens on the weekend for surfers aged 18 and over. In conclusion, this is definitely a “toy of a place”!

What is special here? – There is no dress code and there are a lot of teddy bears (ha-ha)

Address: Via degli Avignonesi 73

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Lanificio 159

Lanificio 159 is not located in the city center, but it is still the place to be! It was founded in 2007 and was a woolen mill before that, hence its name in Italian. It is located in Rooftop with a garden and is considered one of the most popular clubs in the city. It hosts hot parties with contemporary musical styles such as electronic music, disco, techno and house. This is a very special place because it is not just a night club, but a real cultural center: it puts on live music shows with interesting names from the music and DJing scene, workshops for children and families, art exhibitions, events and more. The cuisine and cocktails are also very loved by the club’s customers and leave them wanting more. Who would have believed that such a place was once a woolen mill?

What is special here? – Really not just a club

Address: Via di Pietralata 159A

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Room 26

When you enter the next trendy (and noisy) club, you’ll think you’re in a museum: it’s surrounded by large marble columns and beautiful architecture. It has two rooms: the global room is dedicated to electronic music, techno, the 80s and more, with projectors projecting amazing videos and a powerful LED lighting system. Behind it is the second room called the purple room. It is smaller and quieter in nature and is mainly dedicated to European hits from the 90s and 2000s. It is very important to mention the excellent sound system which is considered one of the most respected in Europe! The strong bass and the audio quality are simply breathtaking. In the club you can also enjoy various shows and events, and even movies were filmed there. Prepare your ears (and your feet) for a unique experience!

What is special here? – One of the best audio systems in Europe

Address: 31 Piazza Guglielmo Marconi

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Rashomon Club

The following underground club is located in one of the lively areas of Rome. He “specializes” in electronic music and has been dancing the ballers for 15 years. World-renowned artists have performed there and swept an international audience behind them, and it is especially loved by fans of the electronic genre. Sometimes he also puts on live performances. It has two rooms: the “club room” designed in the style of post-industrial architecture and the “bar” which is more casual. The crowd that comes to the club is mostly made up of local young people and is open every Friday and Saturday from 11:59 PM (pre-registration is recommended). Get ready for electricity in the air!

What is special here? – Ideal for electronic music lovers

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This is the biggest and probably the wildest club in Rome. It contains four rooms on three floors, each of which “comes” with different musical styles, such as disco and rock. The design is industrial and modern. The club boasts a 20th anniversary party, Muca Assassina, held every Friday. It’s unconventional because the gay community likes it for its multitude of colours, and it’s the capital’s equal gay party! Another party that the club boasts about is held on Saturdays and is Black Qube. As the name suggests, it is a party whose theme is black and sexy music, such as hip-hop and R&B. If you’re not there, you don’t exist!

What’s special here? – A special club for the gay community

Address: Via di Portonaccio 212

Shari Vari Playhouse

The last favorite club on our list is a trendy, chic and highly sought-after hangout. Its location is strategic and central, close to tourist attractions such as the Pantheon and Piazza Navona. It is designed in the style of the 1950s in America and has three floors each dedicated to a different musical style, including retro, dance, house and electronic music. The local crowd flocks there together with an international crowd dripping with style, even celebs don’t miss it, and like many other clubs it also has decorated rooms (baroque style room, for example) and nights with different themes. If you happen to be hungry then don’t worry, because there is also a restaurant on site! An Italian restaurant, of course (we know you’re sweating just guessing). It is recommended to reserve a place in advance.

What is special here? – Design in the style of the 1950s

Address: Via di Torre Argentina 78

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f you like to dress up, dance and drink, then nightclubs are the ultimate entertainment for you – mingling, abundant alcohol, heaps of style, dancing, VIP rooms and tables, bouncy music and a happy atmosphere. Rome is full of crazy clubs that put it on the map of European nightlife and keep it awake even in the wee hours of the night, and we gave you just a glimpse of some of them. If you also stayed awake after Romeo’s tour at one of the city’s sites, we recommend visiting one of the examples we have presented here and dancing until dawn. The next destination – clubs!


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