Football Games in Rome – Stadio Olimpico – “You Should Not Question Roma, You Should Love It!”

The legendary slogan above accompanies the football team of Rome (Roma, which was founded in 1927) and is used by all its fans. It summarizes the kind of bond and passion that connects the fans (also called "Romanisti" in Italian) and the team. You can feel the love for the team and football in general in every corner of the city, and watching it play at the Stadio Olimpico (Olympic Stadium) is highly recommended, not only for football fans. Seeing the passionate fans of the team sitting in the south stand, singing and cheering non-stop throughout games is an experience in itself. Roma has won three Italian championships in its history and participates regularly in the various European Cups. So where is the Stadio Olimpico? How do you get there? And where should you buy tickets for Roma and Lazio games? We have the answers.

The team plays in Rome’s Stadio Olimpico which is located in the north of the city in the Monte Mario area. Getting to the stadium is not very easy because the metro doesn’t go there, but you can use other public transportation:

You can take line A of the metro and get off at the Flaminio – Piazza del Popolo station. Then you’ll see the tram stop outside the metro station. You can take line number 2 from there, (it is the only one that passes through this station) and get off at the final stop Piazza Mancini (It’s a 10-15-minute drive). From there it’ll be an easy five-minute walk to the entrance to the stadium.

The price of public transport in Rome is 1.5 euros for an hour and a half trip. This includes one metro ride and a free entry to the city’s buses and trams. The tickets can be bought at the metro stations or at the T-shops (kiosks that sell cigarettes, gum, lottery tickets and also tickets for public transportation). You can also buy them often at the newspaper stores – “Edicole”. Don’t forget to validate your ticket in the machine in the bus at the beginning of the trip!

*A taxi ride from the city center to the stadium usually takes around 20-25 minutes (depending on traffic) and costs around 20-30 euros. 

The ticket prices for Roma vary, of course, depending on the different stands and the importance of the games. 

In the games of the Italian league against “mid-low level” opponents, you can find tickets starting at 25-30 euros in the cheapest stands (Curva Sud /Nord, Distinti Sud/Nord). The view is not the best but the experience is guaranteed.

A ticket for a “regular” game in the main stand (Tribuna Monte Mario) costs around 90-100 euros.

Tickets cost about 20%-30% more for the important games (against Lazio, Juventus, Inter, Milan and Napoli), and so do for other European games. 

We recommend buying tickets to the games via the club’s official website:

If you prefer to buy the tickets on the spot, you can simply go to one of the club stores scattered around Rome, where you will also find official club merchandise of every kind imaginable. There are usually tickets left for the main stands even a few days in advance.

The club has official stores at various addresses in Rome. The main ones are: AS Roma Store – Piazza Colonna 360

As Roma Store – Via Nazionale 194/195

AS Roma Store – Via Arenula 82

You can also buy tickets for games at the Olympic Stadium in advance via a reliable website called Viva Tickets.


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