The Best Tiramisu in Rome

The Thais have their Banana Loti, the Austrians - Sacher Torte, the French - Creme Brûlée, and the Italians - Tiramisu. Tiramisu is the undisputed national dessert, and its name means "lift me up" in Italian. Just one single and delightful bite of the tiramisu is enough to justify its name, and it does lift the morale and the smile (and also the guilty feelings...) for Italians and all of us. Tiramisu lovers and coming to visit Rome, the capital? So we also decided to give you our recommendations for the best tiramisu in town.


Pompi’s tiramisu, a beloved chain with several branches in the city, is probably the king of tiramisu in Rome. The dessert is served in a small box with a spoon and is served in a variety of flavors, such as the classic flavor, pistachio, strawberry and even gluten-free! Besides tiramisu you can also taste cakes, ice creams and other wonderful desserts. Not to be missed!

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Two Sizes

They say that good things come in small packages, and the Two Sizes store is the winning proof of that: it offers homemade tiramisu served in a small portion alongside tiramisu served in a large portion. This delicacy is served here in five versions: classic, pistachio, caramel, strawberry and peanut butter. If you have a desire for another traditional dessert, you can also enjoy Sicilian cannoli which… you guessed it, is also served in two sizes! Our recommendation is to taste a few small dishes to enjoy all the crazy flavors this place has to offer.

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Rifugio Romano

The family restaurant located close to the Termini train station is, as its name suggests, a Roman refuge for all lovers of Italian cuisine. It was established after 30 years of experience in catering and specializes in a classic menu alongside a vegan menu. Yes yes, it turns out that the vegan trend has also reached Rome! And what about the subject for which we have gathered, Tiramisu? You will probably be surprised to find out that we will actually recommend their vegan tiramisu, which does not fall at all (!!!) from the original. Make no mistake, the milk tiramisu is also delicious.

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Grazia & Graziella

The restaurant located in the bohemian district of Trastevere is very well known in Rome, attracting crowds of tourists who are willing to wait in long lines to dine there. You will find there familiar dishes such as brazzaola, pasta carbonara and margherita pizza, alongside desserts such as panna cotta in strawberry and chocolate flavors and crepes. Don’t worry! We did not forget the tiramisu, which is considered one of the most famous in the city, with intense and wonderful flavors. 

Tiramisu Trastevere

Another cute corner in the Trastevere district is Tiramisu Trastevere, which will wink especially at fans of our favorite dessert. Here they like to assemble tiramisu in front of the customers’ eyes, with plenty of special and heavenly flavors: Oreo, Oreo and Nutella, Amaretto, caramel and more. The “without” trend caught on here too with tiramisu dishes without milk, without eggs and without gluten – here you can eat “without” and feel “with”! If you’ve been looking for a tiramisu paradise, then this is definitely the place for you.

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Mr. 100 Tiramisu

Trivia question: How many types of tiramisu do you think are served at this place? Hold tight because the answer is 100 types (well, that was expected…) Amazingly, this is a wine bar, which apart from heavenly tiramisu also serves cheeses and homemade sausages. So what score does the place get? 100 round, of course!

טירמיסו 100 טעמים ברומא

Italian cuisine boasts amazing desserts such as biscotti, zaviona and affogato, but there is no arguing that tiramisu is the winning and ultimate dessert. So if you are planning to fly to Rome and have a sweet craving, cut down and save our small and modest list of the recommended tiramisu in Rome. Have a buon appetito!


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