Rome with the Kids – Attractions for Kids in Rome

Children are a blessing, yet vacations with them require patience and can be quite challenging.... But don't worry dear parents, they can also be very enjoyable and satisfying! If you intend to fly to a new destination that will intrigue you and your children together, then Rome is the perfect place. This may be a surprise because Rome is not known as a city for children, but who doesn't like good surprises! The city is full of historical, beautiful and exciting attractions that will leave them wanting more. If you are planning a vacation in Rome and want to make it accessible to children, then continue reading!

The Colosseum

The Colosseum, or in its official name “the Flavian Amphitheater”, is probably the most famous attraction in Rome and the symbol most associated with it and the Roman Empire that ruled it in the past. It is the largest amphitheater ever built and one of the most spectacular architectural works in the world. It was used in the past for gladiator and animal fights, shows with animals such as bulls and lions, mythical dramas and more.

The most worthwhile tickets to the Colosseum include the underground floor (animals used to be brought up from there to the arena by elevator), and the upper floor with the amazing view. When your children visit its ruins, they will feel like they are on a magical journey through time. The Colosseum is absolutely colossal in every way!

Address: Piazza del Colosseo 1

The children's museum in Rome - Explora Museum

Explora is a museum completely packed with kids and is ideal as a rainy day’s activity in Rome. It presents diverse science exhibits that also incorporate activities, so that the children will not only learn but also play! What’s on the menu? – a playground that includes five exhibits dedicated to color, history and architecture; the “Play with the Radio” exhibition that turns every child into a mini-DJ; an exhibition on financial education; role-playing games of firefighters and train drivers and more. What makes the museum so special is its active aspect, which encourages cognitive abilities and personal development. So, who said studying is boring?

Address: Via Flamimia 80/86

Villa Borghese – the "Central Park" of Rome

Villa Borghese is the second largest public garden in Rome and is stunningly beautiful. Like many public gardens in Europe, it has impressive fountains, monuments and sculptures. Besides walking there are many ways to tour it, such as cycling, family biking, Segway or boating on the lake. Your children will enjoy plenty of surprises there: playgrounds, gardens, pony rides on the weekends, a zoological museum and a zoo. Villa Borghese is especially child-friendly and is one of the worthwhile attractions that the city has to offer. “The Secret Garden” – no more!

Get wet in a water park in Rome - Zoomarine

Zoomarine is not really in Rome (it’s about an hour away from it), but it’s an adventure you owe your kids (and yourselves too). This attraction is a combination of a zoo and a marine park and it features dolphins, seals, sea lions, penguins and the like. It has a total of 155 animals from 26 different breeds, an impressive number by all accounts. It also puts on acrobatic shows and has exciting swimming pools and water slides. Zoom to Zoomarine!

Address: 00071 Via dei Romagnoli

An amusing amusement park in Rome - Rainbow Magicland

Rainbow Magicland is like the Disneyland of Rome, a magical amusement park for the whole family. It offers attractions for children and attractions for the brave only: “The Haunted Hotel” (similar to the “Haunted Mansion” in the Disney parks), a “Time Machine”, roller coasters, playgrounds, playgrounds, a planetarium (the largest in Europe), carousels, shows for children and other surprises! The park also offers food stalls and restaurants, souvenir and toy shops. Amusement parks are definitely the happiest places in the world!

Address: Via della Pace 00038

Be a gladiator for a day in Rome – gladiator classes

If your children have seen and loved the movie “Gladiator”, then this is the perfect attraction for them! In the gladiator class they will feel as if they are on the set of the famous movie, learn about gladiators and train like them for two whole hours. The class includes training, clothes and weapons of gladiators, and as a bonus the children will receive a drink and free entry to the gladiator school at the Rome Museum. The class is suitable for children aged 6 and over as well as adults. Russell Crowe, behind you!

Address: Via Appia Antica 18

Toss a coin in the famous fountain – the Trevi Fountain

Rome is full of fountains, and the Trevi Fountain built in the Baroque period is probably the best known and most popular one. Crowds of tourists visit it every day and it’s a must-see tourist site in the city. If your children love mythology, then they will especially love this fountain that features the image of Neptune the Sea God, Tritons and seahorses. Don’t forget to toss a coin into it! Legend has it that throwing a coin with the right hand over the left shoulder guarantees the return to Rome, and throwing a second coin guarantees finding love. The fountain is indeed filled with thousands of euros of dreams and hopes. It is simply beautiful and suitable for the whole family, and our recommendation is to eat a good gelato at its feet. Your children will be especially enthusiastic about the coin toss and who knows, maybe next year the legend will come true and they will visit Rome again!

Address: Piazza di Trevi 00187

Visit the castle of Rome – Castel Sant'Angelo

As in every classical European country you will find magical castles in Italy, and one of them is the Castle of Sant’Angelo (“Holy Angel” in Italian) near the Vatican. It is a tall structure built by Emperor Hadrian for himself, and it was used for centuries as a fortress and castle and today – as a museum. This is one of the most child-friendly sites, and it has everything you would expect from a castle, such as cannons, towers and secret passages. You will also find rooms that were used as residences for popes, a collection of ancient weapons, displays of paintings, statues and more. We recommend going up to the top floor of the building which has an impressive vantage point over the city, and also visit the bridge in front of it, the St. Angelo Bridge with the statues of the heavenly angels. Don’t miss Castel Sant’Angelo If your kids love fantasy books and fairy tales!

Address: Lungotevere Castello 50

Romio offers a variety of guided tours in Rome by guides who live and breathe Rome. They’ll be happy to introduce your children to the city at eye level! Tours in Rome are a wonderful way to enjoy it with children. The Eternal City is spectacular and full of many diverse and special attractions, such as the San Carlino Puppet Theater, the Pantheon, Campo de’ Fiori, the “Mouth of Truth” statue, the “Speaking Statue” and many more. Get ready – your children are going to fall in love with Rome!


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