Rome in Winter – The Complete Guide to Rainy Rome

You were impatiently waiting for your vacation in Rome, winter in Rome - you packed a suitcase full of coats and hats. You sat and fantasized for days and nights about the pastas and pizzas, about the shopping and about the new photo book you will publish between the Colosseum and Campo di Fiori. Two days before the long-awaited flight, someone asks you, "Do you know what the weather is like there?", as if he is curious. You answer "we have no idea", then open a weather app in Rome and within a moment your eyes go dark - everything. the vacation. rain. Rome in the rain - we have prepared tips for a trip to Rome in winter.

Weather in Rome – Rome is indeed characterized by quite comfortable weather, the summer in Rome is hot and humid and even hot and the winter is cold but very comfortable for a trip. The weather in Rome is essentially different from that of Milan, Turin and the many northern sisters. The last time it snowed here was in 2018, after a drought of several years. But the rain – there is a good chance you will meet. Although the rainy season is usually between November and March, you are likely to suddenly encounter rainy days even in April and August. So that you don’t go to your dream vacation feeling miserable, here are six easy and nice things you can do in Rome in the rain, and still stay dry. Rome in winter – let’s go!

1. Indoor markets

If on sunny days you can enjoy a tour of Campo di Fiori or Porte Forteza, then in the rain you can enjoy the same experience only in indoor markets. You can jump to the market in the Testaccio neighborhood (near the Piramide metro station and within reasonable walking distance from the Circo Massimo station, both belong to the blue line – Metro B). The Testaccio market contains various delicatessens for both cheeses and sausages, pizzas by weight, olive oils and crackers, street food such as Suppli, arancini and croquettes, and even children’s shoes and clothes. The market is covered, of course, and many wonderful restaurants are scattered around it.

The closed market in Testaccio

Another market you can visit is the market in Esquilino, near the Termini station. This market will lift the spirits of Asian food lovers, as you can find all the spices, sauces and kitchen utensils for cooking great food from the East, at great prices. In Esquilino you will also find fruits and vegetables, fish, meat and cheeses.

2. Pantheon

In the dome of the head of the Pantheon there is an oculus, a kind of open window that lets a lot of natural light into the building. This is a great opportunity to kill two birds with one stone: both to visit one of the most beautiful and important places in Rome, and also to stand and stare at the falling raindrops, which enter through the oculus. While the Colosseum or the piazzas can be less comfortable on rainy days, the Pantheon is a great solution to experience culture without getting wet.

3. The lower city of Rome

The capital city of the land of the boot has experienced different periods in history, and as such – it is built in layers, and accordingly the Romans call it Lazania. Dozens of sites in the city offer a glimpse of ancient Roman life. Tombs of emperors, popes or catacombs (where the Romans buried their dead at the time), exist all over the city – from its center to its outskirts. For some sites you have to buy a ticket in advance, and some sell on the spot. Either way – get ready to see history before your eyes.

The Eye of the Pantheon

4. Snack on Italian delicacies at the temple of food - Eataly

If you have a fondness for cooking (and if you’ve come to Rome, you probably have), the best place you can visit when it’s drizzling outside is the Eataly Center. Within walking distance of the Ostiense train station or the Pyramid metro station, there is a paradise full of food. The place contains the best of Italy’s merchandise – all types of olive oils or truffle spreads you can think of. Cooking workshops and events are also held there, and there are several excellent restaurants that will be happy to satisfy your appetite.

5. Museums, gentlemen, museums

Whether you made a list in advance or whether the subject is completely foreign to you – museums will be a great escape from the rain. Try to go on rainy days to more underground, less known museums, in order to avoid queues and crowding. The Vatican Museum, the Macro Museum of Modern Art, the Doria Pamphili Gallery, the Borghese or Maxi Gallery – in all of them you can spend a few good, pleasant, fascinating and dry hours.

מוזיאון הותיקן רומא
The Vatican Museums

6. Shopping malls

There is nothing like good shopping in Rome on a winter’s day, and you will certainly be happy to know that there are quite a few successful malls in Rome – Porta di Roma, Euroma2, Romaest, Maximo – including a large Primark inside the malls, all of them Large and wonderful shopping malls with all the brands favorite by Israeli travelers – Zara, Barashka, Mango, Massimo Dotti, Timberland and more. Most malls also have large supermarkets, and this is a great opportunity to shop for quality Italian food products at home!

If you prefer luxury brands and stay in the city – Rinascente is the place for you. There are two branches in the city (and many more throughout Italy), one in Barberini and another in Piazza Fioma. Hrinshanta is actually a multi-story building, where each floor is dedicated to a different type of product, for example cosmetics, home accessories, women’s clothing, men’s clothing, and of course – food. Most of the mo-tags that star between the floors are prestigious brands such as Gucci, Prada, Valentino, Armani and more, and accordingly are not cheap, and yet – there are experiences that only the Rinshante can provide. You can read full details in our full article on shopping malls in Rome.

6. Take an umbrella!

The rain in Rome usually comes as fast as it goes. It can be a rainy half hour, then gentle drizzle. Rain in Rome has many advantages – Rome is beautiful in the rain! And in many places the queues will be shortened, as in the Colosseum and the Vatican. So take an umbrella, put on gloves, dress in layers and pick up a pack of warm chestnuts at the stands scattered around the streets of Rome – and go for a walk in Rome!

And if you still didn’t find yourself among these ideas, here are a few more small ones: cooking workshops, closed shopping malls – and we wrote you a full guide to shopping malls in Rome, going to the spa – how fun we have a guide on the blog for that too! The best spas in Rome, take a car and go on a day trip near Rome (don’t forget to check if it’s raining there), or the best – pamper yourself at the hotel, stay in bed until late, order food with one of the local apps (Deliveroo, Just Eat, Uber Eats or Glovo) – they are all the same as the Walt app), and enjoy the rest – you deserve it.


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