Queen Margherita – Pizza in Rome – The Complete Guide

When we think of Italy and certainly when we think of Rome, there's one clear picture that pops into our mind: pizza! Thick, thin, crispy or soft, round, square, even triangular – it doesn't really matter: pizza is pizza, period. This food makes our mouth water and millions of people buy a plane ticket to one destination – the undisputed country of pizza, Italy. It is a fact that you'll find great pizzerias in almost every alley in Rome, and many that level up the royal carb. So we are gathered here today to gather the most recommended pizzerias in Rome, and there's nothing left for you to do except try them. Pizza in Rome – this is Romio's complete guide for the hungry mind!

We will explain the important terms before we start with our recommendations, because in Italy pizza is not just food, but a whole world. The same combination of dough, sauce and cheese comes in so many versions that sometimes it seems like they are completely different foods.

Neapolitan pizza

This delicacy was born in Naples with the first mention of the word “pizza” somewhere in 997 AD. The Neapolitan pizza is characterized by fluffy and puffy edges, with black spots from the powerful oven. The center of the pizza is thin and sometimes a little liquid, and all these together create a feeling of biting into a cloud.

Roman pizza

If you like crispiness then this is the pizza for you, because the dough is thin and well-baked. You will hear the sound of eating the Roman pizza in your dreams for a long time after you return from Italy. This is a much less heavy pizza than its southern sister, due to its thinness, and the taste is appetizing!

Pizza al taglio

Pizza al taglio is the queen of Rome. It’s square and huge, served in metal trays in pizzerias scattered throughout the city, and sold by weight. It’s thicker than the round Roman pizza (but not too thick), and it’s always the perfect solution for a light lunch on the go.

Pizza in Rome – the recommended pizzerias in Rome

Bonci Pizzarium

Address: Via della Meloria 43 

Pizzaiolo Gabriela Bonchi has many admirers for a good reason. His pizza is nothing less than art, and it has already won quite a few awards. His place is located in the Prati neighborhood, not far from the Vatican. The place boasts the best al taglio pizza, alongside excellent fried foods.

Piccolo Buco

Address Via del Lavatore 91

Piccolo buco means “a small hole”. This pizzeria is characterized by a long and extended line of people who long to eat there, and rightly so. Located near the Trevi Fountain, it offers tantalizing pizza with a thick Neapolitan rim. Be patient, the wait is worth it.



Address Via del Monte della Farina 28

Give it up for the Roman pizza that stars here in all its glory! Emma pizzeria is located in Campo de’ Fiori and offers a very diverse menu of Roman pizzas, but not only. The place places special emphasis on the quality of the ingredients – from vegetables to crazy cheeses and special sausages.

Seu Pizza Illuminati

Address: Via Angelo Bargoni 10

Pierre Daniel Sau, the genius behind Sau Pizza Illuminati, represents the modern side (which is sometimes hard to find) in Italy. He makes wonderful Neapolitan pizzas, which “seek” to twist tradition and test the limits of Italian cuisine. Sau even picked up the award for the third best pizza in all of Italy (and therefore probably also in the world) for 2021.

Ivo a Trastevere

AddressVia di S. Francesco a Ripa 158

Ivo Stefanelli’s delicious pizza attracts countless diners, and rightly so. The pizzeria is located in the Trastevere neighborhood, and has been making people happy for over 40 years with a tasty and crunchy Roman pizza. You should arrive there early to taste it before the line starts, or settle for a takeout and go sit in one of the nearby piazzas, and enjoy.


Address: several branches throughout the city

Pizza doesn’t just come in a round or square shape – in Trapizzino  it comes in the form of a pocket! You will find there cones of pizza dough filled with yummy dishes. The portions are not large but ones that leave a taste for more, and also leave room in your stomach to taste a few dishes from the menu.


Whether the love of pizza flows in your blood or not, you’ll (probably) travel all way to Italy to experience the carbohydrate queen in its original form. Appreciate Italians and their creation, don’t expect the flavors of American pizza such as Domino’s (although you can find it here too). Empires rose and fell for it, and many people studied it in depth to bring their own personal interpretation. Give it full respect and love and eat, eat, eat Italian pizza, ladies and gentlemen, Italian pizza.


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