Mamma Mia – Pasta in Rome – Where Should you Eat Pasta in Rome?

There's no doubt that you don't have to look far to find a comforting pasta dish in the undisputed country of carbohydrates. You'll find it anywhere and everywhere! The chances of tasing a bad pasta dish is as low as tasting bed French fries in the Netherlands. Knowledge is power, so here is our complete guide to pasta in Rome – the unique Roman pasta dishes, where you should try them and more. Be prepared!

Roman Pasta

The bolognese comes from Bologna of course, the eggplant Pasta alla Norma comes from Sicily, and the pasta with Genovese pesto comes from Genoa. So what are the traditional Roman pastas, which ones were born in the province of Lazio and star here in every corner?

Amatriciana rich tomato sauce, guanciale (pork cheek), Pecorino Romano cheese and black pepper.

Alla griciaguanciale, Pecorino Romano and black pepper – Amtriciana’s white sister.

Arrabbiatatomato sauce with garlic and chili pepper cooked in olive oil. If you are a spicy lover, ask the waiter for extra hot pepper (peperoncino piccante).

Carbonarayolk sauce, Pecorino Romano, guanciale and black pepper.

Cacio e pepePecorino Romano and black pepper.

Recommended pasta restaurants in Rome - the best pastas in Rome

Osteria Barberini

Address: Via della Purificazione 21

This wonderful restaurant lies in the Barberini area. Its menu includes the traditional pasta dishes (and other options). The highlight is truffle mushrooms in many variations, so you can order both the classic carbonara and fettuccine with porcini mushrooms and grated black truffle mushrooms on top. The truffle in Osteria Barberini goes well with both excellent meat dishes and carbs that are not pasta, such as risotto or lasagna.

Armando Al Pantheon

Address: Salita de’ Crescenzi 31

The fantastic restaurant is located in the heart of the city and as such attracts many tourists, but don’t let it deter you – it’s not a tourist trap! This old place has been pleasing the palate of its diners for over 60 years, and offers all the familiar pastas alongside original ones. Meat and fish lovers will also find their place here.

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Felice a Testaccio

Address: Via Mastro Giorgio 29

The Testaccio neighborhood is between the Trastevere neighborhood and Circus Maximus, and it is an exciting culinary area in general. Felice a Testaccio offers a relatively standard menu, but don’t let that fool you – this place has been running for almost 90 years and still fills tables as one of the trendy restaurants. The pastas here are delightful one by one, but the “lead” pasta is the Caccio e Pepe which is wrapped in a creamy sauce that will leave you longing for more.

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Address: Via della Paglia 1/2/3

The restaurant in the Trastevere neighborhood is almost always decorated with a long line of hungry knowledgeable people. This is a real institution offering a menu full of good, rich, large and satisfying dishes. Alongside the familiar classics you’ll find pasta with pesto, pine nuts and cherry tomatoes and pasta with meatballs. The dessert section is just as impressive as the pasta section, don’t skip it!

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Da Gino al Parlamento

Address:  Vicolo Rosini 4

The restaurant near the parliament is right in the historical center of the city, and despite its location offers a menu with more reasonable prices, and provides great value for money. The restaurant attracts many politicians due to its location but also due to the fact that it is simply excellent. It offers real classics and not just in the pasta section, which makes it a must stop! 

Il Marchese

Address:  Via di Ripetta 162 

With a meticulous atmosphere and a beautiful design, Il Marquesa is a restaurant-bar and one that is all about the purity of Amaro cocktails. This is a more modern place than most restaurants in the city, and also a little more expensive. Alongside carbonara or amatriciana, you will also find pasta such as fettuccine with wild boar ragout and chocolate crumble, or pasta with butter and Parmesan. The dessert section includes pistachio tiramisu or boiled pear with white chocolate. Some choices are really hard to make!

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In conclusion

This is just a small list of Romio’s recommended pasta restaurants in Rome, and the good news is your chances of eating at a restaurant and not be satisfied are pretty low. At the end of the day, Italy is the culinary kingdom of pasta (and in general), so you don’t have to stick to the list or to Google at all. The Trastevere and Monti neighborhoods are known as areas where it’s hard to “fall”, for example. Follow the scents or the long lines. It is important to say that you should make a reservation in advance for the most famous and recommended restaurants – you can do it through the restaurant’s website, over the phone, or through apps such as TheFork. Do not forget that in Italy as in other European countries, the siesta is habitual. The restaurants close around three in the afternoon, and reopen only in the evening, so between an attraction and a museum pay attention to the clock, so you don’t stay hungry.

Buon appetito!


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