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For those anchored in the port of La Spezia in the Liguria region, we offer a day trip in the area of the famous and amazing Cinque Terre mountain range. You can enjoy a great experience in the mountain range area which is recognized worldwide as one of the most beautiful tourist sites and a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Cinque Terre (Italian for “the five villages”) are located on a mountain range south of the city of Genoa, the capital of the Liguria region in northwestern Italy. The area is also known for the famous pesto spread that was invented there and the important port of the city of Genoa which served as an important crossroads in the passage of goods and merchants between East and West. There was also an important and rooted Jewish presence in the area, and to this day there is a Jewish community in Genoa numbering several hundred people.

The trip from the port of La Spezia takes about an hour, after which you will reach the first town called Riomaggiore. The five villages are connected to each other by a hiking trail that also includes quite a few climbs, so you have to take this into account and plan your trip accordingly. We offer an alternative option of moving between the towns by the regional train which passes through each of the towns with high frequency. You can purchase a daily ticket before the first trip at a cost of 7.5 euros for an adult and 4.5 euros for a child up to the age of 12.

The driving distance between one town and another is only a few minutes. The view you will see while visiting the towns and the transition between one and the other is breathtaking, the mountain cliff kisses the Ligurian Sea, which is the Tyrrhenian part of the water, and completes an amazing and unforgettable setting. In the towns themselves you can enjoy wandering through the alleys, in almost every one of which you can find a corner overlooking the sea. In addition, the place is bustling with life, tourists from all over the world, Italian tourists and also a number of locals who also live there. You can enjoy a typical Ligurian lunch that will include pasta with pesto sauce and excellent fish dishes.

The visit to the towns themselves takes about five hours during which the driver is waiting for you at the end point, the town of Monterosso Al Mare. At the end of the day, back with our driver to the port of La Spezia to continue the cruise. The return trip to the port of La Spezia also takes about an hour to an hour and a quarter. Today’s trip takes a total of about 8 hours.

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