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Join us for a mesmerizing experience in the Campania region, one of the most beautiful regions in Italy and in the whole world, decorated with beautiful beaches, dreamy bays and magnificent views. The area offers a variety of fun activities including art and ceramics, amazing food, breathtaking views and of course – limoncello!

The Romio’s team has created for you several fun itineraries in the Naples and Campania region for a private day trip with our professional local drivers, who will be happy to serve you courteously from the time you leave the ship in the morning until the end of the day. Scroll down for details about the routes and costs.

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The Campania region is located in southern Italy and borders the Mediterranean Sea. It is divided into five districts: Sorrento, Costello, Avellino, Benevento, and Naples, the regional capital and birthplace of the famous pizza. Despite the rich population that lives in the area, you can still find natural and unspoiled areas in abundance, small towns next to mountains overlooking the breathtaking sea bays. The Campania region is full of exciting human history, such as the ancient city of Pompeii and temples from ancient Greece.

Romio invites you to join our local and high-quality driver team, and take advantage of your berth in the port of Naples for an unforgettable day trip experience. Our team of drivers consists of licensed professional drivers, all local from the Campania region, courteous and English-speaking, alongside a fleet of comfortable and air-conditioned Mercedes vehicles. The drivers are not tour guides but will be happy to help, enjoy your time and make the wonderful Campania area accessible for you like a local!

Route 1: Naples (6 hours)

Our driver will wait for you at the exit from the ship in the port of Naples and together we will drive to the capital city of the Campania district – Naples. Our driver will accompany you for several hours in the city of your choice so that you will be able to see a large number of sites in a short time and comfortably. Naples is an intriguing city with a unique character that has a lot to offer, so don’t let the rough appearance at first stop you from getting to its gems. It is one of the densest and most interesting cities in Italy and it was even chosen as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. A trip to the bustling city over the course of a few hours will reveal its treasures, the color, the sounds, the colorful laundry hanging between the buildings and the food! Naples is the birthplace of pizza, but not only – all types of pasta are served there in a style unique to it. Her special pastries such as the cannoli, sfogliatelle and the intricate Neapolitan coffee make every stop a one-of-a-kind experience. We recommend starting the horse-drawn tour from Piazza del plebiscito – this is the central and lively square of Naples, from 1600 to the library. You will find good restaurants, cafes and even shops there. In addition, if you want to go deeper, you can visit the neighboring church Church of San Francesco and the San Carlo Theater. Afterwards, you can visit the Cathedral of Naples – the impressive cathedral underwent a significant restoration after a major earthquake in the 14th century. You will find in it the saint San Generro who died a martyr’s death and his skull is displayed on the altar. In Naples are some of the most impressive fortresses in Italy, for example: the Capuana fortress which was the seat of Frederick II and now houses the court. Castel Nuovo (“new castle”), which is impressive in its size, arches and tall buildings, is one of the buildings most associated with the landscape of Naples. The fortress of Castel dell’Ovo is more refined and is a fortress with a sea front which is located on a small island that used to be the residence of the royals. It is also worth visiting the Archaeological Museum, the most important archaeological museum in the world – it is a treasure for lovers of the genre and has art from the Hellenistic period and many Roman treasures.

The cost of the trip:

  • Private car – up to three passengers (6 hours): 360 euros.
  • Van – up to eight passengers for (6 hours): 440 euros


Route 2: Amalfi Coast: Positano, Rabello, Amalfi (8 hours)

Our driver will pick you up at 9 am from the port. Our driver will wait for you at the exit from the ship in the port of Naples and together we will drive to the Amalfi Coast. Historically, the coastal strip was one of the busiest ports in the Middle East but later became one of the most beautiful and touristic outer strips in the world. We will start the trip in the picturesque town of Positano. The town is full of charming corners and art galleries that are simply pleasant to walk through the narrow alleys and discover treasures. You will find local Italian delicatessens known for local products such as buffalo milk mozzarella and specialty sausages.

From there we will continue to Amalfi, the town. Amalfi is the main town on the coast and it is the busiest but its charm is not a miracle. It is worth taking a walk from the beach area inland to some of its tourist centers, chief among them the stunningly beautiful central cathedral, with a history of over 1000 years. In addition, it is recommended to be impressed by the cafes, restaurants, picturesque alleys, art and the colorful atmosphere. We will end the day in the town of Rabelo, in its sprawling gardens, in the charming stone alleys that carry the history of the world’s greatest poets, writers and musicians. Here too you can find great “territories” specializing in fresh pasta and other Italian delicacies. Don’t miss Villa Cimbrone, about 15 minutes’ walk from the town center, where Rabello’s beautiful gardens are spread out with a dizzying view of the Amalfi Coast.

The cost of the trip:

  • Private car – up to three passengers: 430 euros.
  • Van – up to eight passengers: 540 euros.


Route 3: Pompeii, Sorrento and Positano (8 hours)

Our driver will wait for you at the exit from the ship in the port of Naples in the morning and together we will go to the ancient city of Pompeii. You can visit the historical treasures, the remains of the town, the ancient archeology and all under the sky in great weather. From the temple of Apollo you will visit the ancient baths, the amphitheater and discover its glorious history. In addition, you can visit the coral factory and you will get to see works of art unique to the region. After that we will continue to the town of Sorrento, a colorful town with a beach named after it. Sorrento is known for its lemon crops and hence also for limoncello known as the best in the world. The town is built like a carousel around Piazza Tasso from where you can go down to the valley and see the lovely lemon groves. The town is full of cute corners and mesmerizing art shops. You can also see how limoncello is made in the various shops and taste the wonderful local lemon granita. As time remains, depending on your pace, you can taste the beauty of the town of Positano and from there go back to the port of Naples.

The cost of the trip:

  • Private car – up to three passengers: 420 euros.
  • Van – up to eight passengers: 540 euros.


Route 4: Pompeii, Ercolano and Mount Vesuvius (8 hours)

Pick up around 9 am. Our driver will wait for you at the port of Naples and together we will drive to the city of Pompeii mentioned above on route 4. From there we will drive straight to the Ercolano area – the historic area in Pompeii where the wealthy of the town lived. From the remains you can see the gap between their flamboyant lifestyle and the rest of the town. You can get an impression of the ancient Roman lifestyle. After the walking tour, you can go up to the well-known volcano – Mount Vesuvius, in a 40-minute drive. The visit to the mountain offers a hike up the mountain to a height of 1200 meters, at the top of which there is a breathtaking panoramic view of the entire Bay of Naples.

The cost of the trip:

  • Private car – up to three: 430 euros.
  • Van – up to eight passengers: 540 euros.


Route 5: Royal Palace of Caserta (8 hours)

Our driver will be waiting for you at the exit from the ship in the port of Naples and together we will drive the 40 kilometers to the Casareta Palace. The most magnificent palace in Italy, which was also chosen as a World Heritage Site. A walk in the palace can take a whole day and it includes a lot of space with wonderful gardens, pools with fountains and of course the central castle. We recommend touring the botanical gardens, the private apartments open to the public, the panoramic view created by the building over the entire area, and touring the waterfalls and the state-of-the-art water system for its time, which creates streams and a breathtaking nature experience.

The cost of the trip:

  • Private car – up to three passengers: 400 euros.
  • Van – up to eight passengers: 520 euros.

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